StarrComm Strategies - Marketing Firm



Public Relations
Specialize in media relations for clients ranging from start-ups to leading corporations

Specific services include the: 
  • Development, distribution and placement of news announcements that highlight new products, services and company milestones
  • Preparation and placement of bylined articles and case studies 
  • Development of press kits, brochures, collateral and other background material

Over the past 25-plus years, StarrComm Strategies has partnered with dozens of clients to develop long-lasting media relationships and communications campaigns that successfully positioned their products, services, executives and brand as industry leaders that stood out among the competition.  

This includes the development of press releases, bylined articles and case studies in addition to collateral ranging from corporate backgrounders and fact sheets to Q&As and biographies.

The company is also especially adept at the strategic aspects of public relations and social media having worked closely with  senior management of leading corporations to solidify objectives and create timely plans of action to realize goals.

Services offered by StarrComm Strategies include:

Speakers Bureau

Our leadership has worked with numerous corporations to identify key speaking outlets and coordinate speakerships with conference planners. These activities include:
  • Developing abstracts and executive bios for submission to conference planners
  • Using speakerships as promotional opportunities that include working with media to coordinate client interviews at events
  • Re-working presentations for publication as bylined articles​


Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is an essential component of any comprehensive marketing communications program.

Our team of specialists harness the latest and most innovative techniques for:
  • Social Media ​Marketing, Online Advertising, Blogs
  • Website Development
  • ​Email Marketing
  • more...
Strategic Planning
Develop and implement strategic marketing communications and public relations programs that maximize client budgets and provide targeted results

We understand client business campaigns that:
  • Increase sales team morale by generating additional brand awareness
  • Reinforce advertising and promotional efforts
  • Decrease overall marketing costs and efforts with digital marketing